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Sarasa Tantra 

Juicy . Potent . Powerful


Full of love

Caroline Carrington is international NeoTantra and retreat expert.  Her interactive and experiential retreats and trainings deepen your experience of intimacy, connection, and sacred sexuality with the cornerstone of integrity.  Sarasa Tantra was created to share the missing links not offered in other trainings, to support you in blossoming into your highest potential.
Sarasa Tantra draws on multiple Tantric offering you a unique and diverse perspective to empower you to create the life of your dreams!

"The Tantric retreat was exactly the transformation my heart, mind, and body has been yearning for, for a very, very long time.  The loving and safe container used to present the information and techniques, the gentle, profound richness of the coaching, and the compassionate coaxing to deeply trust and open myself while practicing the techniques allowed me to deeply connect with my entire being and others in ways that were previously unimaginable.  Expanding my ability to both give and receive through loving intention, energetic awareness and exchange and physical touch melted decades of impenetrable mental and emotional barriers, shattered resistance and annihilated deep-seated fears leaving me revitalized, feeling joyful and whole for the first time in my life.  WOW is an understatement.  A game changer indeed!  I thank you.  I thank you.  I thank you."

~ Raymond, Ph.D., Sacramento, CA


Caroline: +1 510 545 6104

Julia: +415 377 1434

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