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Tantra Intensives & Retreats
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Ecstatically Alive Retreat

Petaluma, California

April 7th - 9th, 2023


Delight your senses & nourish your soul!

Immerse in the scenic beauty and rolling green hills near Petaluma to explore the delights of NeoTantra at the unique Cerro Pampa Polo Ranch. Unplug and unwind in community as you open your heart with other like-minded people. Connect with horses in the paddocks surrounding the ranch. Nourish and nurture yourself with sumptuous meals created by our master chef.


  • Powerful NeoTantric Rituals (Pujas)

  • Sensual feast full of exquisite delights

  • Electrifying ways to tantalize your partner's body

  • Delicious community and lots of love


~ 1000+ spine-tingling techniques to turn you into a master lover and leave your partner begging for more!
~ Tips for overcoming common barriers that many people struggle with to create intimacy and connection
~ How to transform your sex life into a mind-blowing experience
~ Tools to help calm your busy mind and be more present with your partner
~ How to quadruple your sexual pleasure through NeoTantric breathwork
~ How to tune into your own pleasure as the giver and connect more deeply with your partner
~ More than a dozen ways to amplify and activate your energy to connect, play and share with others
~ Guided hands-on practices to perfect all you’re learning at the retreat
~ Deeply transformative experiences to heal your heart, relationships, and world

Join pleasure and intimacy expert Caroline Carrington for a NeoTantric tune up to activate your mind, body, and spirit. Experience ecstatic breakthrough practices to blast through the obstacles on your path. Your body is the instrument for mind-blowing pleasure, intimacy, and connection. NeoTantra is about getting out of your head and into your body as you learn to move into expanding states of ecstasy and bliss.

Activate your energy with sensory delights, tantalizing touch, and ecstatic breathwork. Empower yourself to express your desires so you can ask for what you truly want in the bedroom and beyond. NeoTantra is about more than sex. You’re invited to dive even deeper for full body, mind and spirit expansion allowing you to relax, refresh, recharge and renew.

$795.00 - Early Bird Super Saver
(to be paid in full upon registration to qualify)
$845.00 - Juicy Being
($450 deposit only, balance due March 7th)
$895.00 - Lucky Last Minute
($450 deposit only, balance due March 7th)

Price includes: all food, classes, and shared accommodation
(2 - 4 people per room)

For couples that want to upgrade for some extra privacy:

1x King Bed with en suite $400 for weekend
1x King Bed - $350 for weekend
1x Queen Bed with en suite - $350 for weekend
2x Queen Bed - $250 for weekend

There is the option to stay overnight on 9th as well for no extra costs but no dinner or breakfast will be provided

Space is limited so sign up today to join us for this life-changing experience in the gorgeous California countryside!

PLEASE NOTE: this NeoTantra retreat is a prerequisite for my NeoTantra Teacher trainings

This experience is LGBTQ-friendly and invites people of all genders.
Singles, couples, and groups are welcome.

"The retreat was exactly the transformation my heart, mind, and body has been yearning for, for a very, very long time. The loving and safe container used to present the information and techniques, the gentle, profound richness of the coaching, and the compassionate coaxing to deeply trust and open myself while practicing the techniques allowed me to deeply connect with my entire being and others in ways that were previously unimaginable. Expanding my ability to both give and receive through loving intention, energetic awareness and exchange and physical touch melted decades of impenetrable mental and emotional barriers, shattered resistance and annihilated deep-seated fears leaving me revitalized, feeling joyful and whole for the first time in my life. WOW is an understatement. A game changer indeed! I thank you. I thank you. I thank you."
~ Raymond, Ph.D., Sacramento, CA

“The retreat was a life-changing experience for me. My inner power has been growing in wonderful ways ever since …”
~ Chris T, Las Vegas, NV

"Caroline guided us perfectly on a journey of discovery. No long lecture but instead many exercises and activities so that you could discover these lessons for yourself. I was able to lose myself, let go and dig deep enough to conjure my own magic and my own energy during this retreat. The atmosphere was warm and inclusive. The retreat was well organized, the food was absolutely divine and nourishing. This retreat was less about sex and more about connection, exploration, and touch. It felt so good to touch and be touched and to explore intimacy with people other than my partner. You will not be disappointed in Caroline retreats. She knows what she is doing and will provide a safe, loving space for you."
~ Joleen Vincent, Truckee, CA

"The Sarasa Tantra Retreats are a world rocker, a definite game changer. I loved the focus on opening my heart and exploring the senses with energy grounded in safety and unconditional love. The love was palpable and I haven't experienced quite like it in any other setting. I highly recommend a Sarasa Tantra retreat for anyone who wants to be truly alive and in a loving relationship with others"
~ Kelci, Texas

"I've never seen anyone hold a safer and more loving container than Caroline. I was very nervous at the start of the retreat to be so emotionally, physically, spiritual and sensually intimate with strangers but quicker than I imagined, I felt safe and held with love. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart"
~ Alisa Sophia, Oakland, CA



Private Parties
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Oakland, CA
June 5th - 9th, 2020 (Module 1)
July 3rd - 7th, 2020 (Module 2)


  • Do you want to become a NeoTantra teacher?

  • Do you desire to run successful workshops that transform people’s lives?  


Sarasa Tantra empowers you with practical skills to create workshops that help heal the world!  


Immerse yourself in the ecstatic practices that NeoTantra has to offer.   

Open your heart to exquisite energy fields as you expand into bliss!  

Discover the keys to unlock the gates of your heart as you deepen your personal spiritual path.



This interactive and experiential training will deepen your skills and give you tools to confidently lead groups of your own.   We created Sarasa Tantra to share the missing links not offered in other trainings, to support you in your success.  Sarasa Tantra draws on multiple Tantric lineages offering you a unique and diverse perspective to empower you to become an effective group facilitator.


This workshop is perfect for people who:


  • Want to learn to teach NeoTantra

  • Are on a path to offer hands-on sexual healing

  • Workshop leaders who want to expand their skills and offerings to include NeoTantric elements

  • Offer NeoTantra and erotic workshops but feel overwhelmed without the essential foundation skills to truly support their student's needs

  • Want to deepen their experience and practice of NeoTantra


NeoTantra is about more than deep eye gazing and better sex.  Learn the truth behind this ancient yogic practice.  Sharpen your energetic skill set to truly ignite a room with simple yet effective practices. Cultivate deep presence to allow each of your students to be exquisitely held.


Sarasa Tantra teaches:

  • Sex magic and the power of intention setting

  • Over 1000 tantalizing NeoTantric touch techniques

  • Dynamic breathwork

  • NeoTantric massage and pleasure mapping

  • Sacred alchemy of mantras

  • Essential self-care practices to keep you thriving and prevent burnout

  • How to create powerful rituals to support profound transformation

  • In-depth study of the chakra system from a Himalayan yogic lineage

  • Jnana (wisdom) yoga to clear your own blocks to success

  • How to be potently present with your participants

  • Managing group dynamics to ensure your students are seen and held while staying focused on workshop content

  • How to build solid energetic containers to create a safe space for your participants to explore

  • Releasing shame and guilt so you can support others through their own sexual shadows

  • Impeccable boundaries and energetic hygiene to ensure long-term success as a teacher

  • Powerful energetic practices to clear and expand your own energy potential

  • Marketing strategies that really work


Unique features of this training:

  • Personalized individual feedback

  • Ongoing coaching as you learn to embody your facilitation skills

  • Small group supervision

  • Private coaching with Caroline to support you even after the workshop has ended

  • Troubleshooting of common group facilitation challenges

  • Comprehensive NeoTantra Teacher Training Manual


Recharge yourself with these life-affirming practices.  

Turn on your own life through exquisite touch, ecstatic breath work and energetic embodiment practices.

You will leave the workshop excited and empowered to lead your own workshops.

Secure your spot today!

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