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Oceanside Couples Retreat
Exclusive to 5 Couples Only!

Oceanside, California

October 25th - 27th, 2019



  • Do you want to learn the secrets to become an exceptional lover?

  • Do you desire to create the relationship of your dreams?  

Join pleasure and intimacy expert Caroline Carrington for a weekend of blissful connection and NeoTantric magic. This exclusive couples-only retreat is the perfect way to connect with the gift that keeps on giving.

This incredible weekend dives deeper than any of my retreats yet igniting the fire between you and your partner, catapulting your connection to something truly transcendental. This luxurious experience with expansive ocean views includes a private chef lovingly preparing delicious food to tantalize your taste buds. Be one of the select couples ready to exponentially expand your pleasure potential during this life-changing experience.

CONNECT through exquisite NeoTantra pleasure practices in an intimate retreat

DEEPEN your love through ecstatic breathwork and heart-opening rituals

AWAKEN subtle energy practices that will stoke the fires of love

EXPAND your intimacy inspiring you to slow down and truly savor the gift of your connection

NOURISH your souls with embodied meditation to get you out of your head and more deeply connected to your bodies

RELAX while drinking in fresh ocean air to energize and inspire you


Join this unforgettable weekend !


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Joshua Tree
NeoTantra Intensive

Joshua Tree, CA

Feb 28th - Mar 1, 2020



Immerse in the stunning beauty and deep peace of the desert to explore the delights of  NeoTantra at the unique Joshua Tree Retreat Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Unplug and unwind in community as you open your heart with other like-minded people.  Nourish and nurture yourself with sumptuous meals created by our master chef.



  • 2x Powerful NeoTantric Rituals 

  • Sensual feast full of exquisite delights

  • Electrifying ways to tantalize your partner's body

  • Delicious community and lots of love  


1000+ spine-tingling techniques to turn you into a master lover and leave your partner begging for more!
Tips for overcoming common barriers that many people struggle with to create intimacy and connection
How to transform your sex life into a mind-blowing experience
Tools to help calm your busy mind and be more present with your partner
How to quadruple your sexual pleasure through NeoTantric breathwork
How to tune into your own pleasure as the giver and connect more deeply with your partner
More than a dozen ways to amplify and activate your energy to connect, play and share with others
Guided hands-on practices to perfect all you’re learning at the retreat
Deeply transformative experiences to heal your heart, relationships, and the world.

Join us!




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Oakland, CA
June 5th - 9th, 2020 (Module 1)
July 3rd - 7th, 2020 (Module 2)


  • Do you want to become a NeoTantra teacher?

  • Do you desire to run successful workshops that transform people’s lives?  


Sarasa Tantra empowers you with practical skills to create workshops that help heal the world!  


Immerse yourself in the ecstatic practices that NeoTantra has to offer.   

Open your heart to exquisite energy fields as you expand into bliss!  

Discover the keys to unlock the gates of your heart as you deepen your personal spiritual path.



This interactive and experiential training will deepen your skills and give you tools to confidently lead groups of your own.   We created Sarasa Tantra to share the missing links not offered in other trainings, to support you in your success.  Sarasa Tantra draws on multiple Tantric lineages offering you a unique and diverse perspective to empower you to become an effective group facilitator.


This workshop is perfect for people who:


  • Want to learn to teach NeoTantra

  • Are on a path to offer hands-on sexual healing

  • Workshop leaders who want to expand their skills and offerings to include NeoTantric elements

  • Offer NeoTantra and erotic workshops but feel overwhelmed without the essential foundation skills to truly support their student's needs

  • Want to deepen their experience and practice of NeoTantra


NeoTantra is about more than deep eye gazing and better sex.  Learn the truth behind this ancient yogic practice.  Sharpen your energetic skill set to truly ignite a room with simple yet effective practices. Cultivate deep presence to allow each of your students to be exquisitely held.


Sarasa Tantra teaches:

  • Sex magic and the power of intention setting

  • Over 1000 tantalizing NeoTantric touch techniques

  • Dynamic breathwork

  • NeoTantric massage and pleasure mapping

  • Sacred alchemy of mantras

  • Essential self-care practices to keep you thriving and prevent burnout

  • How to create powerful rituals to support profound transformation

  • In-depth study of the chakra system from a Himalayan yogic lineage

  • Jnana (wisdom) yoga to clear your own blocks to success

  • How to be potently present with your participants

  • Managing group dynamics to ensure your students are seen and held while staying focused on workshop content

  • How to build solid energetic containers to create a safe space for your participants to explore

  • Releasing shame and guilt so you can support others through their own sexual shadows

  • Impeccable boundaries and energetic hygiene to ensure long-term success as a teacher

  • Powerful energetic practices to clear and expand your own energy potential

  • Marketing strategies that really work


Unique features of this training:

  • Personalized individual feedback

  • Ongoing coaching as you learn to embody your facilitation skills

  • Small group supervision

  • Private coaching with Caroline to support you even after the workshop has ended

  • Troubleshooting of common group facilitation challenges

  • Comprehensive NeoTantra Teacher Training Manual


Recharge yourself with these life-affirming practices.  

Turn on your own life through exquisite touch, ecstatic breath work and energetic embodiment practices.

You will leave the workshop excited and empowered to lead your own workshops.

Secure your spot today!